The Blades organization has set a goal to provide the best soccer experience possible to players.  This goal can only be met by the dedication of experienced, educated, and certified coaches.  As such the Blades require that the coaches improve their levels of certification/training whenever possible.  

Director of Coaching- Ty Pippin  
Blades Coaches
Junior Blades
      U8 Boys -   TJ Hansen   Aaron Larsen 
                            U8 Girls -   Misty Campbell     Leah

U9/10 Blades - Girls - Melinda Gustafson, Richardo Ortiz, Stephen Holbrook,
U9/10  Blades - Boys -Dan Wright, Dan Behringer, Dan Grizwold, Luas Carlson, James Leslie 

U11/12 Blades - Girls -  Matt Strand, Beth Catchpole, Nicholas Hill, Guy Campbell, Jade Smith

U11/12 Blades - Boys  - Casey Nix, Tycie Smith, Peter Nicolaysen, Brendan Bummer
U13/14/15 Blades - Boys -   Scott Hawley, Chris Stranbury, Jerry Realing, Dave Hulshizer

U13/14/15 Blades - Girls -  Cortney Graham, Chris Stier, Sarah Stier

U15-19 Blades - Girls -   Nicholas Hill

U15-18 Blades - Boys -   Bryan Soliz