2016/17 Casper Soccer Club Board of Directors

President - Trish Nix - president@caspersoccerclub.com
Vice President  -  Anne Graham
Treasurer  -  Mike Cometto

Secretary  - Heather Butler

Directors at Large   
 Wyatt O'Neill ~ Stacey Balanoff ~ Krystle McIntyre
Peter Nicolaysen ~ Fred Catchpole ~ Chris Stanbury
Greg Tuma ~ Dan Dundas

Director of Coaching - Coaching & player contact 
Vacant -

Executive Director - Administration 
Wendy Brown - wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com

Each member of the CSC Board of Directors is elected to a 2 year term.    The positions are alternating even and odd years.  The Elections are held in the fall to coincide with the fiscal year.  See the ByLaws for more details.