2016/17 Casper Soccer Club Board of Directors

President - Trish Nix - president@caspersoccerclub.com
Vice President  -  Anne Graham
Treasurer  -  Mike Cometto

Secretary  - Heather Butler

Directors at Large   
  Stacey Umbach ~ Meg Swan ~ Wyatt O'Neill ~ Stacey Balanoff ~ Krystle McIntyre
Peter Nicolaysen ~ Fred Catchpole ~ Chris Stanbury

Director of Coaching - Coaching & player contact 
Ty Pippin - coachty@caspersoccerclub.com

Executive Director - Administration 
Wendy Brown - wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com

Each member of the CSC Board of Directors is elected to a 2 year term.    The positions are alternating even and odd years.  The Elections are held in the fall to coincide with the fiscal year.  See the ByLaws for more details.

Nomination Form - Please submit to wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com.